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We love our men's swimwear model wearing little to nothing. Hey if you have a great body why hide it? The models in micro swimwear we feature are wearing my favorite designs. These are suits I wear to the beach though truth be told my body is not quite model quality.

If every girl wearing something sexy had to have a model's body there would be very few girls wearing anything hot at the beach. The same holds true for men. Sure it would be awesome to be a men's swimwear model but the fact is less than 1/10 of 1% of the men on the planet have bodies like that. You don't have to be perfect to be sexy and you do not need to be flawless to show off some skin.

Men’s Speedo

One of the many swimming attire items that is coming to the forefront these days is that of men’s speedo swimsuits. Granted, in the past, something like this would have been scandalous and would never have appeared on a public beach or any public swimming venue. Today, things are much more enlightened than ever, and guys are taking full advantage of this fact. Men with amazing bodies can now proudly show off those bodies and most people are more than happy to have these awesome bodies to view. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that one of the main reasons they visit the beach or swimming pools is to gaze upon the guys who are wearing speedos and looking incredible in them. Come on, admit it!

It seems that lots of guys that are wearing a men’s speedo get quite a bit of positive attention while appearing in them, especially when worn in public. Let’s face it; no one is going to see you when you keep your swimming to your outdoor pool hidden in your backyard. The thing you need to do is don those speedos and head to a very public swimming venue, whether that is a beach or a resort pool. You need to get out there and let people see you. If you are a man who has access to a public beach or even if you just swim at a gym, you can show off your speedos.

Something that needs to be addressed, though, is the issue of having the right type of body that you need to have in order to successfully wear a men’s speedo. While it is certainly all a part of having free will as to what sort of swimsuit you wear, it is always nice to get a general perspective on how you are going to look while wearing that speedo. Do some close investigative work on your body and take mental notes of any problem areas that you need to get into shape before stepping out in that speedo for all to see. Make sure that all everyone sees is a gorgeous body that they want to devour.

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