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New and exciting designs in men's swimwear fashions makes it one of the fastest growing parts of the men's clothing business. Not long ago your choice would have been shorts or Speedos but now there are all sorts and styles of bikinis, Brazilian cut suits, Thongs, G-strings and other wild spandex gear. Most of the hottest designs at one time were made in Europe but the fact today is that most of the extreme men's swimwear designs come out of the USA. The bulk of those are designed and manufactured right in California, Los Angeles to be exact which is home to some of the largest manufactures of extreme men's swimwear. Companies in LA ship these wild creations worldwide. Visit some of the sites and you will notice there many styles of men's swimwear model bodies and the designs they are wearing range from bulge style swimsuits, to enhancement style suits to the most extreme and incredibly popular new male to female transformation designs. Without giving too much away I think your trip to sites like will be both eye opening and life changing.

Men's Swimwear Model

Men wearing the hottest micro bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Pouch only suits, Enhancement style suits and so much more.

Todays men's swimwear model does not just slip on a pair of Speedos of Surf shorts and prance around. The new swimwear styles for men are much more compelling and extreme in fact they are every bit as small as the littlest swimsuits the girls are wearing. Sexy, Erotic and throughout much of the world these designs are the mainstream styles. Men in the USA are coming around to the concept of showing off their hard won bodies and making sure they wear swimsuits small enough to give them a great looking tan. Men's swimwear models have taken the lead and they are showing men here in the states how to look great and still have a blast wearing these tiny sexy swimsuits to the beach and even to those rocking pool parties. Finding the world's hottest swimwear fashions is just a click away. Let us help you find the suit of your dreams and if you are just getting into wearing these hot styles let us guide the way.

Hot male models in even hotter men's swimwear designs.